offers high quality audio editing at an affordable cost.

Let our skilled, musically trained, song editor deliver the quality of sound disks your hard working students deserve. We produce edited songs carefully cut using modern digital technologies to eliminate clicks, pops and all traces of cutting. We monitor pitch and volume of adjacent cuts and carefully join cuts to insure there are no sudden unwanted pitch, volume or tempo changes and to insure a steady beat across the transition.

If desired, we will speed up or slow down a song without changing pitch. We also can alter the pitch of a song without changing the tempo. We offer a variety of other audio processing services including sound compression to insure the soft sections of a performance song are not lost in the roar of the crowd, noise reduction from old tape and record recordings, adding distortions for a surreal effect, and removing inappropriate words from a song. Need a stronger ending to a song? We can synthesis an ending for you.

Send your inquires to or phone (614) 895-0144.

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